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The following print options are available...


Canvas  A bright white, consistent poly-cotton blend matte canvas that is acid-free and pH neutral with no Optical Brighteners for a truly archival canvas. Coated in your choice of matte, semi-matte, semi-gloss or gloss varnish and stretched on local, sustainably sourced, kiln-dried stretcher bars, 3/4" thin, or 1.5" thick depths.


Premium Photo Paper, photo gloss and lustre papers are heavy with premium finishes that provide the colour depth you expect from photo papers. The lustre has just enough texture on the surface to break up the harsh glare normally seen on gloss papers. Lustre is by far the most popular photo paper.


Cotton Rag Art paper, Epson Cold Press (textured) and Hot Press (smooth) papers. Each has a completely matte finish, reminiscent of fine-art watercolour papers. Available in both a Bright and an OBA-free Natural version allowing you to match the colour to your project's needs.


HD Aluminum panels, these are the very best of the metal printing technologies. Deep, lustrous look with incredible colour and an almost 3-dimensional appearance to your images. Available in Gloss White or Gloss Clear (brushed aluminium).

*Limited Edition. Simply put, there will only be a small number of prints produced and therefore at a higher price.

**Open Edition prints will be produced in an unlimited number and at a lower price point. 

***Artists Proofs. These are the originals used to determine the final printing quality. These are typically not available and are not numbered. 

Mount Baker sunrise-signed 16X46.png
Fun in the Sun.jpg
Fishing cropped sml.jpg
Swan 10X8.jpg
small image of vette.jpg
Goodfellas B&W-Dean 22X16.jpg
LIttle surfer girl card stock.jpg
Autumn Maple.jpg
Baker portrait 16x24 print.jpg
Dice signed.jpg
Trees in the fog January 4 tall.jpg
Fog in the trees sun rise.jpg
Fog in the trees wide.jpg
Fog through the trees.jpg
Skull 16X9.jpg
Baker sunrise summer.jpg
sample prints room logs on beach.jpg
sample room prints logs on beach 4.jpg
bedroom with print of girl at waters edg
Stacked rocks in Arizona rm.jpg
Crashing wave in Arizona rm.jpg
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